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What is Toasty?

Toasty is a solution to solve a simple problem: How to get your audience to connect, collaborate, and drive effective outcomes together. 


1. Toasty is for facilitators, teachers, community leaders and managers to have effective and collaborative meetings and workshops.



On Toasty, each time you want to use Toasty for a meeting, you create "a new session". You can choose to a template with pre-made activities around a particular outcome, or you can start from scratch.

You can add more templates or activities at any time, so you can pre-plan your session agenda or create it on-the-fly.

We believe that to make a team meeting engaging, you have to get everyone to actively participate. And that's how we design our activities around.



2. Toasty is super easy for your team

Your team can join Toasty via a link on their web browser (preferably Chrome), nothing to download or install. 

Participants don't need to create an account to take part in Toasty. Registration is as simple as providing a first name and email address (optional, based on the host's choice).



3. Toasty empowers engaging and structured activities for everyone in small groups

All activities on Toasty are designed to enhance deep interactions between your audience. They are designed to solve: