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5 Tips on running the most engaging meetings and workshops using Toasty

One question people ask often: “How do I get started using Toasty?”.


The 1st thing to explore is who is Toasty for?

🍞 Facilitators

🍞 Teachers/Educators

🍞 Community Leaders/Organizers

🍞 Team Leaders


The 2nd thing to explore is what is Toasty for?

🍞 Collaborative meetings, e.g. Ideation, Problem-solving 

🍞 Brainstorming & Co-creation Workshops

🍞 Community Meetings

🍞 Team Meeting & Team Building


Once you're clear whether Toasty is for you, here are 5 tips for giving your team an engaging Toasty experience with no fuss and no stress.

1. Get a quick tour on Toasty




2. Design how you want to engage your audience during the meeting session

The first step you should do is to plan your session on Toasty's interactive agenda. What this agenda provides you is not just an organized way to run your meeting, but also very easy ways to quickly engage all participants.


As the host, you're able to control when people are in the main room or their group breakout rooms.


Here's a quick overview of the activities:



Everyone (or every group) submits a response to a question, either with text or an image πŸ“Έ. Once everyone submits their response, you can also allow people to vote on the best submission.

This can happen in main room (everyone gets to answer) or in breakout (each group acts as a team to answer)


A super quick-and-easy way to gauge how everyone is feeling, vote for the best option or even use it like a quick quiz. Just set a question and multiple answer options.



Group members take turns to pick a card and lead a group chat about that topic. Awesome for group discussions or a fun way to introduce everyone. 

This can happen in main room (everyone gets one turn) or in breakout (each member in the group gets one turn)


Breakout Group

Everyone will be quickly divided into even groups in order to form small group discussions or activities. The group is either determined randomly, or through a Poll.


Open Room 

 If you want to give ultimate autonomy for your participants to gather, e.g. you want to set up topics and ask them to get into a room that they're interested in. Then you can set up Open Rooms (a number of themed breakout rooms) and allow them to freely move around within this activity block.



3. Test your Toasty session

Once you’re done, grab a couple of colleagues or friends and try it out! Send them the invitation link so they can join. 

You can also test it yourself by opening a new tab and join as a participant. Most computers can handle running 2 tabs at the same time. If you experience some lags, turn off other apps or Chrome tabs.







4. Invite your team to join your session on their web browser

It's easy for your team to join your session, you just need to share the link from the Toasty toolbar.


You can send it to your team by email or Slack, or include it in a calendar event. Remember to let them know what time you will be starting!

It's a great idea to let your team know that Toasty works on desktop and laptop computers, but not with mobile devices. Google Chrome is the browser to use for the best experience. Big screens equal big engagement!

You can share this participant guideline to all your participants to ensure that they're ready to go:




I hope this helps! If you have any more questions about how to use Toasty to make it interactive and engaging for your team meetings, just reach out to us via Help Chat.