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Fixing problems with video and audio

1. Check your AntiVirus software

If you face a " didn’t send any data." error, check your AntiVirus software and disable this field.


AVG AntiVirus

Open AVG > in menu bar select AVG AntiVirus (or AVG Internet Security) > Preferences > Shields > Webshield > Disable "Scan browser-based HTTPs connections" - see the attached screenshot. 




2. Use Chrome

Google Chrome is recommended to all users. Although most modern desktop browsers are supported, Chrome provides the best performance and we already know that camera doesn't work on Safari.

Download Chrome here


3. Check permissions

When you first join a Toasty session, you need to allow permission for us to use your microphone and camera. Click Allow when you see this prompt.


If you can't see other participants and your camera and mic are not working, click the Lock icon in the URL bar and check the permission settings.

It's possible your browser is configured to block these requests by default, so you need to manually override the settings.




4. Check third-party cookies settings

Sometimes a Chrome browser setting can block certain data that Toasty relies on for video conferencing. This is switched off by default, but if switched on will cause issues with Toasty.

You can check this setting and see if it might be causing an issue for you.

First, copy and paste this address into a new tab in Chrome to open the settings page: chrome://settings/content/cookies

Then, find the toggle for the setting Block third-party cookies. It should be OFF. If it is on, switch it off. Finally, refresh your Toasty tab


5. Refresh your page.

With web-based video conferencing, sometimes it is tricky, and reloading your page helps!




6. Restart your computer. 

Microphone and camera could get conflicted with different software or settings. Try restarting your computer to give it a fresh configuration and try again. Remember to save your Toasty link!




7. Get in touch and report the issue

If you're still experiencing problems joining, click the help chat button at the bottom right and let us know. We'll do our best to resolve the issue for you.