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What is Toasty's security standard?

We use secure servers

Toasty is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers in the United States, Germany and Singapore. AWS operates on a high security measure and it is documented on this whitepaper.


We use secure video conferencing solutions 

Toasty uses Jitsi, which is an open-source video conferencing infrastructure that is privacy-oriented. It uses hop-by-hop encryption. This means that anything that you send traveling to the server is encrypted, then decrypted on the server, re-encrypted, and sent to everyone who is meant to receive it.


We use secure connections

We use HTTPS secure connections for all transactions. HTTPS is a secure communications protocol that eliminates the possibility of a third party breach in the communication or your payment information


We keep your data safe 

Toasty stores your information on our AWS servers. We only use 3rd party processors to deliver the best services possible to you, e.g. to send product updates emails to you. We don’t sell personal data to processors.


We offer password-protected meeting session

You can easily add a password to your meeting session to prevent anyone from joining your session intrusively.


We do not store credit card information

We take credit card data security very seriously, and we do not have access to your credit card information. We use Paddle to securely handle credit card information.